Eileen Button
Eileen Button

You Know You're a Runner When ...

Photo courtesy of "I <3 to Run"

Yes, I know. I’ve been missing in action.


This in spite of the fact that experts say I must blog at least once a week to engage readers. (Thank ...

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The Problem with Self-Help Books

While there is much that is wrong with the world, there is so much more that is right. In all our daily grumblings, it’s easy to forget that. << MORE >>

Snakes on a Plain

I consider myself a brave sort of soul, but as I've considered the secrets of life while I slog through the miles, I've come to a surprising conclusion. I am afraid of many things. << MORE >>

Everytown, USA

Not my town, but it sure looks like it.

If you visit me (and Lord knows I wish SOMEONE would), you’ll take the Davison/Clarkston exit off Route 69 and drive one half mile down M-15 before turning left into my subdivision.

That ...

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Cars, Paychecks, and Boys

Davison Girls' Track Team: Big Nine Champs. My daughter, Kristina Button, stands in the upper left corner. Jumping coach and truth-teller, Jack Kelts, is in front.

I stood near the high jump mat with Jack Kelts, who is my daughter’s jumping coach, along with a lovely runner who was waiting for her next race.

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Where have all the (future) teachers gone?

“So, Kay-Kay, are you still thinking of becoming a teacher?” I casually asked as I set the dining room table for dinner. She shrugged, her resignation apparent on her face. “No one recommends it, Mom,” she said. “No one.” << MORE >>

Life as a Cover Girl

The weird thing about having three-and-a-half minutes of fame is that it’s all over so quickly. Also, it doesn’t feel much different than my normal life.<< MORE >>

The Fine Art of Putting Things Away

I’ve been thinking about putting things away on a deeper level, especially since I have a tendency to keep things out in my psyche that create nothing but an unholy mess in my professional life.<< MORE >>

The Chemistry of a Future College Student

The Key by Jackson Pollock, The Art Institute of Chicago

“I dropped AP Chemistry,” my son, Stephen, said about his senior high school schedule. “And I’m going to take a half year of intro to art and a half year of painting instead!”

Stephen said this with light in his eyes, and I tried, best as ...

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Ode to "Our Town"



“Goodbye! Goodbye world! Goodbye Grover’s Corners … Mama and Papa. Goodbye to clocks ticking—and my butternut tree! … and Mama’s sunflowers … and food and coffee … and new ironed dresses and hot baths … and sleeping and waking up! Oh earth, you’re too wonderful for anyone to realize you!

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